Patrick Foley graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2005. After leaving Hawaii, he moved back to Vermont, where he had first learned to ski fifteen years earlier, and began working in the hospitality business. The Foley Family has been operating the Old Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast since 2006, and we are proud to welcome Neshobe River Winery as an addition to the traditional and historic site. Today, the Old Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast, along with the accompanying Neshobe River Winery is producing outstanding food and fine wine.

Patrick developed his winemaking skills with some apprenticeships in both California and South Africa. At Curtis Winery, he had the opportunity to study under Winemaker Chuck Carlson and Assistant Winemaker Ernst Storm in producing some of the most balanced and quality Rhone Style wines on the market. During the 2009 harvest, Patrick travelled to Hamilton Russel Vineyards in South Africa and expanded his knowledge and experience in the winemaking process with the old style methods which he continues to use today.

Wine's ability to bring people together is a main driver of Patrick's passion for making wine. His believes that "If I study viticulture, enology and winemaking for the rest of my life, a challenge will forever present itself. The practice of taking fruit from a vine, seeing it through the fermentation process, all the while treating it with respect, takes diligence and patience. I am committed to taking the time and giving my attention to make an excellent product."